Wellington Massage 90 / 130

De-stress your body with a relaxing and restorative Swedish style massage including a soothing warm towel treatment. 55 minutes / 90 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage 110 / 150

Fragrant oils extracted from herbs, fruits and flowers naturally enhance the benefits of massage. This treatment relieves aches and anxiety while improving circulation. 55 minutes / 90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage 120 / 160

Best for those with chronic pain, deep tissue concentrates on easing muscle tension and releasing adhesions or “knots”. 55 minutes / 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage 110 / 150

The ultimate luxury massage. Hot stone treatment relieves muscle tightness, increases circulation and enhanced relaxation. The heat from the stones aids in relaxing the muscles, allowing your massage thereapist to treat deeper levels of tissue without the need for excessive pressure. 55 minutes / 90 minutes

Therapeutic Massage 60 / 120

Employs specialized massage techniques to target specific issues or injuries with prolonged focus and attention. 30 minutes / 55 minutes

Ashiatsu 120 / 160

Japanese deep tissue barefoot massage helps to reduce chronic fatigue and heal old, stubborn injuries. The depth and pressure is easily modified for comfort with the support of overhead parallel bars. 55 minutes / 90 minutes

Shiatsu 120

Utilizes stretching and pressure along specific pathways on the body, promoting harmony in body and mind. Of Japanese origin, it is modeled on Five Element Theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Performed on a mat on the floor, client should wear comfortable and loose clothing. 55 minutes

Prenatal Massage 90

Specially designed message to reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches and tension, improve circulation and flexibility during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Physician approval required. 55 minutes

Cupping 80 / 30

An ancient Chinese form of therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy. Benefits include reduction of chronic pain and inflammation, increased blood flow, relaxation and improved over all well-being. 45 minutes / Add-On

Reflexology Massage 70

A targeted pressure point massage focused through the feet and lower legs to increase blood circulation to increase blood flow to internal organs, rejuvenating deep tissues amd promoting healing. This treatment is customized according to the needs of the client. 45 minutes

Reiki 70 / 20

A healing technique based on the principal that the therapist can channel and balance the client’s energy with light touch. Facilitates the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical and emotional well-being. 45 minutes / Add-On

“NSL” Massage 50

Focusing on the neck, shoulders and lower back, a de-stressing boost. 30 minutes

Anti-Aging Face & Neck Massage 50 / 25

This treatment uses warm and then cool stones and seeks to first relax the muscles of the face and remove tension from the facial structure. Heat is applied in circular motions with intent to encourage mobility and “reset” the unconscious expressions that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Facial tissue is lifted and energized with upward and outward movements. Sweeping motions with the cooled stones aim to encourage lymphatic drainage. These movements over the skin help with absorption of the pomegranate oil, the benefits of which are many in number. Rich in antioxidants, as well as anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, it increases elasticity and moisturizes. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging, evens skin tone and balances the skin’s pH levels. The use of this particular dry oil in this treatment feeds the skin cells and promotes regeneration while leaving no greasy residue. A luxurious and relaxing stand alone service or an exhilarating “add-on” to other massage treatments. 30 minutes / 15 minute add-on

Gua Sha 30

Gua Sha involves repetitive pressured strokes over the skin with a smooth jade tool. The practice releases restrictions and stimulates healing and blood flow. Such release is accompanied by the presence of markings that are similar in appearance but physiologically different from bruising. These marks will fade in 2 – 4 days. 15 minute add-on